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Prayers of Ed McLean


Praying The Simple Way

by Royce Bell

Several years, it was my great pleasure to study with and to be used by the Lord as a dear man came to obedient faith and began the trek toward Heaven.  That man--Ed McLean--is the subject of this page. 

To tell you the truth, he's probably not going to be very happy with this page, because he is a very humble man and not at all given to "tooting his own horn."

Within a few weeks of his obedience, I suggested that Ed consider taking a more prominent place in our worship assemblies, such as he might do by leading the congregation in prayer.  Surprisingly, he promptly agreed, but said"You know, I don't really know what to say."  I suggested that he write down his thoughts.  This page (and its links) is about what he wrote.  I hope you will enjoy these lessons in the effective prayer of a righteous man.
The Influence of Good Mentors

The elders of the church at that time, Leon Hall and Leland Wolf were very instrumental in Ed's development into one of the most effective worship leaders I have known.  Also, it would be wrong to forget the example of several other brethren, who lived exemplary lives and revealed their own hearts in public prayer--prayer that helped Ed form his own style.

Just in case you are wondering: yes, Ed still uses written prayers.  Beyond all men I have ever known in almost 40 years of preaching, Ed is very highly esteemed in the Mountain View church for his simple humility and for the depth and insight contained in his prayers.  Recently, we entered another phase in our growth: Our elders asked the church to seek out as many qualified, spiritual men as might be needed as deacons.  The one man on everybody's list guessed it...Ed McLean.

But, as you read, don't expect something complicated or filled with flowery words.  That's not Ed's way and the Lord would not accept it, anyway.  Rather, here is what it is to pray in the simple way.  Ed's way.

One More Thing...

I would be remiss if I did not mention the one person who is, in a very real sense, singularly responsible for bringing Ed to the Lord.  Of course, I mean his wife, Roxanne.  What a beautiful, beautiful lady she is, and a wonderful example of a godly woman.  I just wish I could tell you what Ed tells me that she means to him. When they married, Ed was not a Christian.  I'm reminded of the words of Pater, in 1 Peter 3:1, " ...they may be won without a word by the behavior of their wives..."   She spoke hardly a word, but won Ed for the Lord by the power of her faith and influence of her life.

OK, One MORE Thing...

Just to let you know how the Lord was working in Ed's life, after he became a Christian Ed realized that too many years had passed since he last saw his parents.  Like many fathers and sons, words had been spoken, years ago, and a wall had been raised between them.  In spite of those hurts and in complete disregard of his own feelings, Ed realized that he had to see his parents, again.  His dad was very ill and well into his 90s...what would Ed find when he got home?  Well, he found love, again.  And acceptance.  And more love.  Furthermore, his parents absolutely LOVE Roxanne.

But, there is more: Within months of the visit with Ed's parents in Connecticut, word arrived of the death of his father.  Ed had made peace with his dad and when his elderly father finally succumbed as the flowers of the Earth also fade, all was well between them.  What a blessing it was, in spite of the sadness of the occasion.  Ed and Roxanne had gone far beyond what many are willing do.  Not long after that, word arrived that Ed's mother is also very ill and the fear was that it might be cancer. Although tests revealed cancer was not present, and Mrs. McLean is still alive (as of January, 2010), it has been a matter of great honor to the spiritual minds of these dear saints, Ed and Roxanne, that the bridge over the river called Estrangement was traversed by them while life and time allowed.

I hope you will enjoy these words from a wise man and a dear, dear brother in Christ.

On A Sunday Morning

Dear Father in heaven, we humbly come before you this morning to honor you, glorify you and thank you for this day - and for all our days, for we know that each of them, and the blessings they contain, come from you and your love for us.

Sunday AM
Closing Prayer

Let us pray:

Dear Father in Heaven, as this morning’s assembly comes to a close, we thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us for we know that everything we have, everything we are, and everything we may become is because of you and your love for us.


On a Sunday Evening...

Will you please bow your heads with me as we go to our Father with the opening prayer.

Dear Father in Heaven, we humbly come before you this evening, to thank you for this day and for the opportunity it provides us to gather together in fellowship, to honor you, to praise you, and to learn more about you and your Blessed and Holy word.


Prayers During / Following
The Lord's Supper

Prayer for the Bread

Let us pray:


Dear Father in Heaven, we humbly come before you this morning to thank you for this day and for the many blessings you have bestowed upon us.  Most of all, we thank you for your son, Jesus Christ, who was born on this earth and was crucified on that cruel cross on Mt. Calvary so that we would all have the hope of eternal salvation.